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These Electric Transport Buses With Free WiFi Are Not In Nigeria See The Africa Country Using It

The lunching of technology to the world, has played a very big role in the human life today, as it helps to produce goods or services, solve human problems such as moving from one place to another (in terms of transportation) and disease.

Technology, which is the scientific knowledge of skills and techniques, which brought to the building of cars (both Gas using cars and chargeable cars), airplanes, elevators and other machines that helps humans achieve a goal, technology has changed the world we live in today to better.

Here is the electric transportation bus, that was built by humans to better and reduce the rate of fuel consumption in the country and it is being used by Uganda as one of its means of transportation.

These transportation buses, which has free WiFi connections (you can browse the internet using its data), where you can charge your phone, step down for people using wheelchairs, automatic hand sanitizer (to sanitize your hands before entering) and it doesn't make use of gas or fuel.

These buses have been the talk of other African countries, as many thinks these chargeable buses is being used by Nigerians as one of their means of transportation.

These electric transportation buses with solar panels, is not in Nigeria or is being used as a means of transportation in Nigeria, they are being used by the citizens of Uganda.

Uganda, which has the population of about 44.27 million in the year 2019, has become the first African country to produce the first electric buses in its construction factory built about 50 miles from Kampala, and it makes use of these chargeable buses as one its means of transportation, and it takes just 2 hours for the battery to full.

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