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As Banditry Becomes Worse, Should Sheikh Ahmad Gumi's Advice Be Considered?

As a matter of fact, the Boko Haram terrorisits may have a high profile evil pedigree due to their inhuman exploits which almost knew no bounds before now that they have been humbled close to their extinction by the federal troops, but another big evil that has been raging is the bandits.

In accordance to the above, the dangerous nature of bandits is now comparable to that of the Boko Haram terrorisits. And as a result, it became compelling for them to be put under control in order to restore sanity to the public. However, whenever the government tries to stop the criminal elements, an popular Isamic Cleric who is known as Sheikh Ahmad Gumi will plead for them to be granted amnesty.

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi and his peace-seeking colleagues sitting with some bandits during a peace meeting in the criminals' hideout in the forest early this year

In addition to the foregoing controversial preacher and teacher of Islam's unfettered standpoint that the inhuman bandits be pardoned by the federal government (FG), while also warning against their being continuously neutralized, especially in recent times, he said that killing them would not end their activities. Rather, he argued that the money and the efforts that were being invested by the FG to deal with heartless marauders should be used to rehabilitate and empower them economically after granting them state pardon which they were allegedly ready to accept. But, as usual, he was harshly criticised by the vast majority of the public.

However, with the concentrated moves by both of the federal and state governments to nip the bandits in the bud, the outlaws seem to become worse by the day. For example, it was during the well coordinated onslaughts on them in Zamfara State that they reportedly ambushed and slain about twenty security forces. Also, in Kaduna State, they recently invaded a Mosque during prayers, and killed many of the people who were praying in the process, as well as kidnapped some others. And while the news of such act of flagrant disrespect to religion was still trending, they did same against Christians too. Also, in Sokoto State, the criminal elements have been launching attacks on different villages; and such unprovoked evil act has as well taken a lot of lives.

However, a recent nuisance that they have reportedly started constituting to the law abiding locals of the village of Garanga in Sabon Birmi local government area of Sokoto State is that they have used themselves to replace the normal heads and chiefs.

At this point of the increasing activities of bandits, the question about whether Sheikh Gumi's admonition that the FG should pardon them, instead of waging war against them should, be given a consideration.

In response to the foregoing, it will not be out of place if the Islamic evangelist's idea is considered, albeit the concerned criminals earlier turned it down in February this year. They just might not disappoint again. And it might be now that everyone is of the standpoint that amnesty will still fail that it will be fruitful. And the loathed voice of the Sheikh that the urchins should be pardoned again might be the ignored voice of truth.

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