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Train Attack: 2 Strategies Govt. Should Implement Because The Attackers Are Economic Saboteurs

The bombing of the Abuja-Kaduna rail line by criminals suspected to be vandals is a very sad one. PMB, El-Rufai, and the management of NRC must not take this lightly. There mustn't be a reoccurrence because it's a known fact that we are hardly proactive when it comes to matters of national security.

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It's time to be ingenious, deliberate, and determined about these issues. It was a disaster waiting to happen all the while and these criminals might have only tested the waters, they will most likely want to hit harder but we mustn't give them that joy.

Although, as said by NRC that it was carried out by vandals and not bandits. This might be true. Because bandits don't have the know-how to detonate the track with that minimal damage. The idea was to derail the train but the driver stopped on time. The damage to the train engine was a result of the granites exploding. The explosive used could be the one used to stop a train in an Emergency. If a large explosive had been used, a large section of the sleepers and track will have come off.

If this were Bandits they will have used a large number of explosives because they are not experts. They will also have shot at the train when it stopped in an attempt to kidnap passengers. These are economic saboteurs and the government needs to act fast because the criminals know what they doing. The government need to implement these two strategies.

1. Clearance

A 500 meters clearance on both sides of the tracks to allow for improved visibility, a coach dedicated to a team of SF forces on every trip on that route. Anything to safeguard the lives of passengers and these critical national infrastructures.

2. The use of drones.

You can't police the whole length of a track but you can probably use drones as a deterrent. A big well done to the driver for being alert. If their were drones monitoring the track, the criminals would have been apprehended.

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