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Why The People Of Anambra State Need To Come Together And End These Killings By Unknown Gunmen

In recent weeks, the residents of Anambra state have being experiencing the reign of terror as a result of the activities of unknown gunmen in the state. Last week, these criminals who were alleged to be members of outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), seems to have gone berserk attacking and killing people with reckless abandon. Security operatives and formations are the most targeted.

It will be dangerous to continue to play the ostrich by wishing away the terrorist acts of unknown gunmen. There is every need for both leaders and people who love the state to unite and find away of ending the activities of unknown gunmen. The broad daylight gruesome murder of Dr. Chike Akunyili early last week suppose to be a wake up call for every well meaning Anambrarian.

Whoever these unknown gunmen are, whether IPOB or ESN the government needs to go in hard on them like they did during their evil reign in Imo state some couple of months back. Unknown gunmen are not ghosts they live within the vicinity of the people.

From personal experience, the people of Anambra state are peace-loving and very hardworking with uncanny spirit of resilience. The average Anambarian is not a heartless killer neither would he tolerate any group that engages in such devious acts.

It should be instructive to note that the nefarious activities of unknown gunmen in Anambra state would destroy everything the Igbos have laboured to build over the years. Their evil activities should not be allowed to fester.

Anybody that thinks these criminals are 'freedom fighters', should check the litanies of pains and sorrows they have left in their wake over the past few weeks in the state as the November 6, gubernatorial election ominously approaches.

Unknown gunmen are like nests of vipers that strike both inwards and outwards. It is high time the people of Anambra state need to do the needful by scourging and destroying these dangerous vipers in their midst.

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