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"A Fulani Man Does Not Need Amnesty Or Peace" - Fulani Man

Most times, it has been observed that most of the criminal activities going on in the country are being attributed to the people of the North, especially the Fulanis.

The murdering of innocent people, kidnappings and all other notorious activities and nuisances seems to have made so many people fear people of this tribe. This has gotten to the extent that whenever one hears the name "Fulani", fear starts to grip in one's mind.

A Fulani man was earlier interviewed by a man who travelled to Sofana, a notoriously known area close to the rugu forest. The Fulani man, whose name wasn't disclosed explained some bitter truths about the notorious activities that are caused by the Fulanis.

According to him, he said that it is a normal thing for them to walk about with at least a weapon; either a sword, a sharp knife or a stick at least. He said that the main reason is because it's being used since the past, as the Fulani ancestors live in the forest and so uses these weapons for defence.

He said that many of those who engage in notorious activities do so with the consent of their parents and grandparents, and they are the only one who can stop them. He added that the Fulanis don't need amnesty or peace, but what they need is not money.

He said that people think that they kill and kidnap because that's what they love, and so amnesty can make them stop it, but it isn't so because most of those who engage in those activity are doing it just because of the money they get from it and nothing more.


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