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"My late mother came to me in my dream with a pastor, see what they did to me" - young man narrates

Several times we have heard stories of people who get visited by their dead parents in the dream.

Many people do not believe that ghosts do appear to people especially the ones they loved while they were still alive, to some people it is always an imagination and not real.

While this has not been scientifically proven, some people have made claims in the past that their dead parents, siblings or even spouse visited them.

This young man just narrated how his late mother visited him in his dream and she did not just visit him alone, she came with a pastor in that dream.

"Saw my mum in the dream last night and she looked so good and radiant🥺😍, it happens that whenever she appears in my dream, she acts so normal that i forget that she’s dead or ask why she’s dead. This time she came with a pastor to pray for me in school.. I love this woman", he said.

Do you believe that ghosts do exist?

Gave you had any of such encounters before?

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