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Stop Being A Jealous lover, Learn From What Will Happen To These Siblings For Killing A Lady

The culprits

It is now difficult for us in Nigeria to wake up on daily basis without hearing news of killings.

Killings is now so rampant in Nigeria to the extent that those who are guilty of killings are not people who we think would be guilty of such crime.

The Story of one young beautiful lady named Ijeoma is one of the stories to talk about, she was killed because she was in love with a man. I know the cause of her death will sound just too silly for the hearing of any right-thinking Nigerian.

That is why almost all Nigerian that has heard about the story insisted that her killer must never go scot-free, in my own opinion I will be very upset if I learnt that her killer her not kill in like manner.


Why I'm I so keenly interested in getting her killed? 

The reason is just that the killer killed her out of jealousy and such human are not worthy of living amidst human.

It happened that one certain Chiamaka Ifueze conspired with her brother named Emeka Ifueze to kill Ijeoma because she was having affair with her boyfriend.

Let us ponder on the reason why this wicked people killed the young innocent girl, according to the source Ijeoma did not know these persons from Adam that is why they succeeded by enticing her to come and work for Chiamaka at home because Ijeoma was a makeup artist, I think that is a lesson for those going to people's house to work, (the dispatch riders are not left out).

Chiamaka Ifueze

However, the source made it clear that Ijeoma was forced to drink poison and deadly acid was poured on her.

Now the case of these wicked siblings has been in court since November 2020, and the final verdict has not been concluded, to me, there is no more evidence needed since the truth has been revealed the Nigerian government need not waste time because they are both guilty and deserves to die.

More so, I will only advice all jealous lovers, who are fond of doing evil because they do not want another rival, now let us ask ourselves as they have killed Ijeoma if they are eventually killed by the Nigerian government what will be their gain?

The Bible says: " what does it profit a man who gains the world but lose his souls."

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