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10 Security Tips You Need To Share With Your Family and Friends For Security Purpose

It is time to stand up for your ourselves, No need to wait for government's protection and the security agency any more. Killings and kidnapping every where. We don't have gun or any weapon to protect ourselves but we can do a little to help ourselves protect oir loved ones from victims. Here i whould love to share with you some security tips that we need in guarding ourselves because the current situation in the country is getting out of hand. So let be our brothers and sisters' keepers and you should try share with you family friends to save them from falling into the bad hands.

Tip 1. Stop using car stickers that will give an information about your work or where you work it might be too dangerous to do that.

Tip 2.Stop posting pictures of your kids with their school uniform Especially with badges and always pay attention to where they go.

Tip 3. In parties, don't let the band get you so high that you start spraying money, Use an envelope instead.

Tip 4. Stop going to the ATM when it's late and don't try to withdraw everything in the ATM just withdraw little for your use.

Tip 5. Remeber to delete all your bank transaction notifications, especially SMS and stop saving your BVN number with Bvn name.

Tip 6. Stop going to juggling when it's late and always and always going out with someone you trust not strangers.

Tip 7. Remember to lock your doors and windows when going out whether you are going far or not.

Tip 8. Stop hanging your ID card out side all the times and stop telling people about your work and salary.

Tip 9. Stop late Night travel. If you want to go any where far away pls. Don't leave it till Night before taking off your bag. Make sure you start every journey in the morning and you will be at home before the night falls.

Tip 10. This is the most important one. Always pray to God before you leave your hause, your office and before going to bed, just be prayerful all the times because if you are protected by the Almighty no harm can come near you, we should always ask God for his protections.

Thanks as you are going to share with your family and friends.

Content created and supplied by: Phalyboy (via Opera News )


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