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Lady Pretended To Be Laughing With A Sales Girl Then Stole A Phone On Her Desk (video)

People needs to be very careful of the kind of people they allow into their shop or businesses because not every body can be trusted due to the currently situation in the country.

People want to get expensive things without paying for it. Some go as far as stealing just to make sure that they have what they want.

A CCTV camera have captured the moment a lady stole a brand new Tecno POP-2 android phone from a shop while laughing with the sales girl.

As seen in the video, the lady is seen going through some phones on a front desk of a sales girl and suddenly, she quickly hid one of the phones in between her legs and covered it with her dress.

After stealing the phone, the lady started playing and laughing with the sales girl just to make sure she doesn't get suspicious about her.

She eventually succeeded in stealing the phone and walked out to the shop without the knowledge of the sales girl.

The shop owner is calling anybody who knows anything about the lady to call her to information.


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