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Photos/Video: Gas tanker explosion in Lagos state burnt over 25 cars, killed 2 and injured many

Gas explosion has always been a major concern in Nigeria, causing the destruction of properties and the killing of innocent ones. It's quite surprising to see the level of havoc it could create, as the latest is the incident which took place, barely hours ago in Ikeja, Lagos State where over 25 cars have been reportedly burnt down, killing 2 persons and injuring many others.

According to BBCNewspidgin on social media who revealed the photos of the incident that took place in the Ogun State Property Investment Company (OPIC) the tanker carrying the gas had poured from the outside surrounding of the building, igniting a severe fire. The fire was again more fueled by the presence of trees planted, causing a more stronger outburst, which led to the cars of about 25 being seriously burnt.

The OPIC building which is just close to the Sheraton hotel is quite huge, and has a sloppy ground, creating room for the gas to roll over to the back of the building, where it met another tanker which was stationed there, causing a huge explosion again at the back.

The explosion resulted into the burning down a section of the building, destroying properties, killing 2 persons, and injuring many. What a surprising and unbelievable moment indeed. What's your opinion towards this incident, put your thoughts in the comment section below, and share to others, as you can like and follow us for more interesting stories all around the world.


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