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Checkout How Islamic Cleric, Gumi, Spent Millions of Naira to Take Care of Herdsmen in Nigeria

I have noticed that despite numerous abuse and insults Sheikh Gumi has received from some Nigerians while speaking for Herdsmen and bandits, that has not stopped him from doing what is necessary in the society. He has decided not to wait upon the government, but make sure the killings caused by Bandits and herdsmen come to an end.

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How has he spent millions on Herders?

I have noticed that Sheikh Gumi has spent millions while taking care of Herders in the state. He carried out two acts that is indeed commendable.

The first way he spent some huge amount of money, is building school for Herdsmen in the nation. He did not ask for any donation from Nigerians but did it out of his own free will and finance. We all know the cost of building a school (land, building materials, school boards and desks) which is for above a million.

Free medical care for Herdsmen is another way Gumi has spent money to take care of Herders. As a medical doctor, he decided to give free treatment and medical checkup to some Herders. He led some medical teams and Islamic preachers to a Fulani settlement in Kogi state, where this free medical care was carried out. We all know the cost of getting medical care and drugs.

In my opinion, I think Gumi has done a good job and should be emulated by many in our society. He revealed that he is doing this to stop the activities of bandits, and I think his tactic is really working. He has shown that Violence is not the only tool to fight against Terrorism in the nation.

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