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Opinion: See reasons Why Republic Of Benin should Not have Legalised abortions

According to a post on @Peoples Gazette, the Republic of Benin has recently voted to legalise abortion in the country, after a heated debate in parliament. 

Abortions used be only legal if the pregnancy threatened the life of the mother, or as a result of rape, or incest.

However, the law has now given women the right to terminate a pregnancy within the trimester, if it is likely to cause distress to the woman or the unborn child's interest.

Aside Benin Republic, there are a few other African countries ( Zambia, Cape Verde, Mozambique, South Africa and Tunisia), who have also legalised abortion for medical reason.

The truth is that legalising abortions comes with a lot of consequences, this is why the Republic of Benin, as well as other African countries should not have legalised it.

Below are some side effects woman are likely to encounter after having an abortion, especially if not carried out properly.

* Damage to the womb or cervix.

* Excessive bleeding.

*Incomplete abortion, requiring a (additional) surgical abortion procedure.

* Infection of the uterus or fallopian tubes.

* Scarring of the inside of the uterus.

* Sepsis or Septic shock

* Uterine perforation.

* Death.

Aside these, abortions may encourage women to freely engage in sexual intercourse without using a protection, since they can always terminate the pregnancy, this would inturn increase the rate of sexually transmitted diseases.

This are just few of the consequences of abortions and why the Republic of Benin should not have legalised it.

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