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Possible Solutions To Overcoming Insecurity Challenges In Nigeria.

Insecurities have been and become a major challenge in Nigeria as a nation today, especially in some Northern parts. People travel, go to school and live their lives in fear as a result of kidnappers, bandit attacks, Boko Haram insurgence, and killer herdsmen.

The very last wish of every youth in Nigeria is to leave the country due to this day-to-day rise in insecurities that have eaten deep into society, the community, and at all levels.

The government has tried various methods to curb the increased rate of insecurities in Nigeria but yet it seems it is not working or producing very low output.

Nigeria is the giant of Africa and considered the most populous nation in Africa and the seventh-most populous country in the world with an estimated 206 million people. Nigeria has a large economy, vast resources and should lead by example when it comes to protecting the lives of its citizens. Know that this article is not to focus on past events which have led to mayhem in the society or loss of lives and properties but to highlight possible solutions to overcoming the insecurity challenges in the nation.

I believe every well-meaning and patriotic citizen of Nigerian should fight insecurities at all costs. Am not just saying is the duty of a Police, Soldiers, or any armed force. yes, they are and should be at the forefront because they are trained to. Have the army, air force, police not been fighting before? Have you asked yourself these questions? Still, we hear the same stories. Many of these soldiers, police have lost their lives fighting for the peace of our nation. They are true heroes. You will never be forgotten.

Now is time to seek different and possible solutions. The fight against insecurities starts from you as an individual, family, community, state, and federal level.

Note: There is a connection from individuals to the federal level when fighting for insecurity. Please pay rapt attention as I try to break it down.

Fighting insecurity as an individual.

The average man wants to be pushed before taking the right step but the man in the mirror is all the world needs to build to better society. A positive mindset will lead to a positive outcome. There are various factors that you might want to hold onto to become an agent of destruction. Maybe you will say there is no food, there is no water, there are no jobs, there is no shelter or even light. But pause and think for a moment. No matter what you are going through several others are going through and if everyone would become an agent of destruction like you then there will be no place to call Nigeria.

Don't allow these men in government to use you to destroy lives and properties all because of money that won't feed you for more than a day. You deserve better.

Ask yourself why can't I be the agent of change and affect my society around me. Change your mindset, be positive and always look yourself in the mirror and say I dare to be different. Change always begins with you. If we can start from ourselves as an individual then there is hope for our nation.

An idle mind is the devil's workshop. Little tips on how to build yourself despite challenges facing Nigeria.

Learn a skill, learn a trade, and be contented. Just don't stay idle there are many out there who survive daily with their little side gigs.

Fighting insecurity as a household.

I believe we have too many parents who are not ready to be responsible when it comes to bringing up a child in the way of the Lord. Permit me to say this quote "Train up a child in the way it should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Either through unwanted pregnancy or a family giving birth to more they can train which makes them result to following bad peer groups. You don't expect a child without proper home bringing, nothing to eat, and no place to call home to be happy. Only 5% might end up becoming a better person in society. Most of them act out of depression because they have nothing to lose. A man that is hungry and angry can do anything negative.

So how can we solve this?

I. Birth control: Dont give birth to children you know you don't have the capacity and means to cater for.

II. Training a child, when he/she is young, should be your priority as a parent. Children learn with what they see. We are in an era where social media have more disadvantages than advantages. Let them know the positive and negative aspects of everything.

III. Those ladies giving birth and living them in the streets. There are motherless babies home or place to keep them. Immediately they come across bad friends they behave like that immediately. It is easier to copy bad than good.

IV. Some families know the bad eggs already but because of sentiment, they try to hide. A woman once said in Maiduguri when I was watching a documentary on Boko Haram.

"The people doing all this have family living within us, they come each day and go back to the forest. Families know them but don't want to bring them out."

Let's speak up whenever we see evil.

My dad will always tell me to do what is right whether been told or not been told.

Fighting insecurity as a community.

We can only get better as a community if we can stand in unity. A community is a group of people living together in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. So there can't be a better community if there are no common characteristics. The moment we have divided groups with different ideology there is bound to be insecurities in that particular community. Note a community makes up a nation. As a group of people seeking peace and unity, bad eggs need to be fished out with the law taking its cause. The people should be vigilant and ready to protect each other at all costs.

Let's erase that mindset of it's not my concern.

Fighting insecurity at the State and Federal level.

No doubt the Government has played a vital role in curbing the challenges of insecurities with certain policies but with low or no tangible outcome this needs to be looked upon over and over again. Like I said change begins with you as a person. How can you change the society as a government whether state or federal when you are almost guilty of the same offense while some use this same person to cause mayhem in the society.

Before I get into this, let me say this. We should always consider the nation first If we have made up our mind to serve Nigeria.

So the question is what can the government do to minimize or eliminates insecurities at the state and federal levels.

1. Listening: in my own opinion I feel the government should listen more to its citizens. Listening will help them serve better. The more they try to play politics with the lives of innocent citizens the more these people would enjoy destroying lives.

2. Accountability: Many have gone unnoticed after stealing millions and billions of naira to support some erroneous activities. Just like the family should check out for each other, there are good eggs in the government. They should not fail to report any illegal involvement.

3. Is there enough opportunities for the youth, are there enough jobs, are there good roads, is there light, is there a platform working for students graduating each year. All these things also play a vital role in minimizing insecurities in our country. The government needs to go back to its drawing board. We can build a better Nigeria free from insecurities.

Opinion: Negotiations with the enemy of the state should be prohibited.

The moment we realize this the faster and better we will build a better society.

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Thank you.

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