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People couldn't believe she ate all these foods until she shared this video to prove herself

Actually, many may believe that it's only guys that eat the much. A lady who became popularly by posting herself after eating large quuatity of food proved many wrong. Some ladies eat a lot as well.

As we have guys that do not eat much food, so do we have ladies that do not eat much food and as we have guys that eat much food, so do we have ladies that eat much food.

Food, is what we humans can't do without in a day although there are people who love eating a lot and they won't even look like they ate. Category of people are you, do you eat, and look like you've eaten a lot.

A lady known as Dinma on social media took to her twitter handle some days to share pictures of the cucumber she ate which has drew reactions from her followers.

She posted the pictures of herself after eating a plate of cucumber and groundnut which made people reacted on Twitter.

She also ate a bowl of Abacha and apples with zobo drink that got many people reacting differently recently too.

In her recent pictures she posted on her Twitter handle, she posted another picture of herself after she ate roasted yam, plantain and two mangoes. Some people couldn't believe she ate all the food but to profft them wrong, she had to post a video of herself while eating the food.

After watching the video, people couldn't believe thier eye, that how on earth would a small lady like that ate all that food.

Click here to watch the video she posted.

See how people are reacting to her post below

What can you say about this lady, what peolle notice is that she doesn't increase in size, Can you eat like her, let's have your comment

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