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The Smallest People In The World (Photos)

Manpreet Singh

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At just 23 inches tall, 21-year-old Manpreet Singh is one of the smallest people in the world. 21-year-old Manpreet Singh is just 23 inches tall and weighs only 15 pounds, so the same height and weight as a 6-month-old baby; as such he's one of the smallest people in the world.

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Manpreet has swollen palms, feet and a big face with saggy skin, he primarily communicates through gestures and can laugh scream, and cry. At the age of 12, Manpreet has been worshipped as the reincarnation of a Hindu god by the local villagers.

Nick Smith

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Like a real-life Peter Pan, Nick Smith will never grow up. 20-year-old nick smith from Jefferson Georgia has an extremely rare condition called osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type 2 MOPD-2, he's one of only a few hundred people worldwide born with this genetic condition, and most don't make it past their twenties.

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Measuring less than three feet in height and weighing less than thirty pounds, Nick Smith is the same size as a healthy 3-year-old, also Nick has learning difficulties which means he'll forever see the world as a child.

Ping Ping

Photo Credit: Google

He ping ping from china measured 2 feet 5 inches tall and was at one point the shortest mobile man in the world according to Guinness World Records.

Photo Credit: Google

He suffered from a bone deformity called osteogenesis imperfecta which hinders normal bone growth, and body height, unfortunately, Ping Ping died on the 13th of March in 2010 of heart complications at the age of 21.

Hannah Kritzjek

Photo Credit: Google

24-year-old Hannah Kritzjek from Hugo Minnesota is just 39 inches tall and wears children’s size 4 shoes. You might have already guessed, she has primordial dwarfism a condition that also causes a variety of health problems as well including the constant threat of Brain aneurysms.

Photo Credit: Google

Hannah also faces a shortened life expectancy as almost all people affected by this disease don't make it past their twenties, and that is exactly why Hannah lives every day like it's her last.

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