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If you are not security conscious enough, you will fall prey to this atm scam.

There are lot of dangers associated with making use of withdrawal machines (a.t.m. or p.o.s. machine) without being security conscious.

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Day in and out, you hear people complain of their account being emptied. 

The story is almost the same pattern;

You are just home or somewhere else, going about your normal activity and then, you just receive alert on your phone, your account debited of a certain amount. Angrily, you storm your bank, and made inquiry on why your account was debited without you doing any transaction, you will be surprised to discover that a transaction was made with your a.t.m. card which never left your care and was used either for cash withdrawals or online payment. Then you wonder how that is possible because you never left your a.t.m. card in care of anybody.

Ever heard of cloning machine or card skimmer?

The two devices mentioned above are used to steal data from unsuspecting user. These machines copy all the data on an a.t.m. card which is later transferred to an empty card thereby cloning it and can be used, just like the original one.

The two devices work differently. One can be used in your absence or when you are not paying attention (cloning machine) while in the other case, you can be the author of your own problem if you are not conscious enough.

Cloning machine

This machine just require that your card is swiped through it and it copies all your data from the chip. An empty card will then be swiped through the same machine again and all the data copied from the first card is pasted on it. Just like that, the card is cloned.

Never let your card out of sight when making payments either at fuel station, superstores or wherever you are making purchases. Some of the attenders might just have a cloning device on standby to be used on less security conscious customers, you don't want to be a victim.

Card skimmers

In this case, one has to be very observant in order not to fall prey to it. This is in a form of a card reader placed on top of the original card slot. When your a.t.m. passes through it, it reads all your data and pin, the data is now transferred into a counterfeit card and can as well be used, just like the original one.

What original card insert area look like

The counterfeit

To avoid this, look out for sticky glue residue on any part of the a.t.m. or any form of use of tape. Also, when a card insert area or pin keypad is bulky, it calls for suspicion.

Generally, if a pin keypad is not having a cover at the top, it will be good you cover it yourself because a camera might be hanging recording your pin. 

Don't make use of a general computer if you are making online purchase because some of those computers keep keyboard logs and save passwords for website visited which require your password for access.

How card skimmer works

How cloning machine works.

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