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2 Things you stand to lose if you become a Yahoo boy

It is so sad how some youths have chosen the road to internet fraud over hardwork. This situation is greatly on the increase even as the law enforcement agencies are doing all they can to curb the menace, they go to the extent of involving themselves in diabolic practices in the illegal quest for wealth.

No matter how you see may try to justify it, yahoo is not a job and people who indulge in it are not supposed to be proud despite the fact that it may seem profitable at first, but the consequences that comes later is harsh.

Young people indulge in this unlawful practice without thinking about the future. A wise person should be able to ask himself "how will my future be?" Answering this question will give you an insight on the future.

Sometimes the victims of this scams curse them and those curses tends manifest in the lives of the so called yahoo boys. For a person to loose his or her hard earned money over internet fraud is not a pleasant experience and most of the victims goes to the extent of commiting suicide.

The society has grown to respect these criminals and more people are joining as the day goes by. In anything you are doing just bear in mind that "there is no peace for the wicked".

The situation of the country coupled with unemployment and poverty has really given rise to internet fraud as many young people are joining due to frustration.

Yahoo boys are known for flaunting wealth, wearing expensive clothes and driving expensive cars but what you should know is that anything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Below are some important things you tend to sacrifice if you want to become a Yahoo boy.

Personal development

Have you noticed that yahoo boys tends to be absent minded? They only have their minds on the victims they want to scam. The activities that improves a persons potential are greatly affected by yahoo. Understand that you become what you constantly do. Internet fraud is not a job and it tends to diminish our mental capacity.


Yahoo requires time because for a client to pay, you have to convince him or her. Time is greatly wasted in the quest for illicit wealth. The period a youth should use to acquire the necessary skills required for survival is greatly wasted.

We should do everything possible to discourage this latest trend known as "internet fraud" thanks.

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