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Opinion: Even if Salle's story was staged, her voice deserves the support she got.

It is normal that when some things happen, people will definitely have different opinions and views about them. This clearly suggests the power of individual differences and how applicable it can be in the society. This gives people room to express their views on issues and have deeper reasoning concerning how such things came to play.

Since the story of Salle, the poor girl was brought to social media, a lot of people have given various opinions on the possibilities that played in Salle's life just in few days she was discovered.

According to the story which went round on social media few days ago, Salle was discovered with amazing voice while she was hawking, but Salle has revealed in her recent post before social media platforms were locked, that she was not hawking, rather, the silver tray she held on her hand was what she used in serving customers food for her mother, which means that her mother is a food vendor.

A lot of people said she staged the incident in other to gain pity and the support which she has already got.

According to Salle's statement, some people were congratulating her over her achievement while others made her cry, which could likely be the impression that she staged that incident of when she was discovered in order to gain pity from people.

In my opinion, people should understand that the quest for survival can make a person come up with different strategies, and if these strategies do not harm others or violate other people's rights, they are worth executing.

Even if she staged the incident, it could be seen as a cry for help for what she is so passionate about which everyone can attest to that she has amazing singing voice.

Therefore, even if she staged the incident, her voice deserves the support she got.

Image source: all images in the article were sourced from Salle's Instagram handle before the platform was locked.

Content created and supplied by: Chinny'sangle (via Opera News )



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