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Video: He Tried To Snatch A Phone From A Moving Vehicle But Got Caught, Look At What They Did To Him

Have you had any experience with phones snatcher? Or you know who has experienced that evil act? 

It is a very heartbreaking thing when you are using your phone while in a moving vehicle, then a stranger from no where stretches his hand through the window, snatch your phone and run away. This was what this man in the video was trying to do, before he met his waterloo. These people operate mostly on highway where there is traffic and the vehicles are moving slowly. They just snatch your phone and run away, this is the reason why it is advisable not to press phone when you are sitting beside the window of a vehicle.

So, this man wanted to snatch a phone form a moving vehicle as usual and run away, but. one of the passengers in the vehicle quickly held his hand and they started beating him. He wasn’t just getting the beating of his life, he was also being dragged by the vehicle, because, even as the passengers held down his hand, the driver didn’t stop the vehicle. This must have done a lot of damages to his legs. While the passengers were beating him, a bike man who was beside them was also kicking the guy from outside, repeatedly.

This thing happens a lot and most times, these thieves get away with it easily, because, it will be hard for the phone owner to get down from the vehicle and start chasing the thief. So once they are able to snatch the phone via the vehicle window, there are low chances of retrieving the phone as the thieves vamoose immediately.

If you are the type who presses phone a lot, try to avoid doing that when you are sitting by the window side of a vehicle. If you must use your phone at that moment, hold it tight and be at alert. 

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