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Road Accident

See how a car dropped off a lady and she ran mad instantly

Ladies please be careful; see how a car dropped off a lady and sped off, the lady ran mad instantly

A video of a woman acting erratically after being dropped off by a black car has gone viral.

According to the video, a black car approached the scene slowly before stopping, then the front passenger door opened, allowing a woman to exit the vehicle. The car then accelerated forward, forcing pedestrians in its path to run for cover.

The lady then starts to pick herself up off the floor, but her actions indicate that she has gone insane. The lady struggled to stay on her feet, swaying from side to side and narrowly avoiding being hit by passing vehicles.

Onlookers then stepped in to assist her. Two females rushed to her aid, holding her hands and directing her through her steps, as she seemed to have little idea what she was doing.

Her actions clearly indicate that she had gone insane, and according to various comments, the insanity could be linked to the black car driver who had dropped her off and then sped away.


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