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Few Months After Battling With Drug Addiction, See How Amanda Looks Now

Drug abuse has its lasting consequences and the lady in this picture has surely experienced the bitter aspect of that.

A while back in 2020, videos of this young lady surfaced the internet and captured the interest of many. This Lady goes by the name Amanda and her story is common among youths her age.

She was shown in a series of videos which captured her gradual degradation as a result of drug abuse which saw her loose a lot of weight.

After the videos surfaced the net, many good Samaritans decided to get her the much needed help and she has since begun rehabilitation.

See how she looks like now

This process of rehab for Amanda has barely taken a year and the positive result is huge. She looks a lot more happy now and has equally regained her lost weight.

This is a good one for anyone wondering if it is possible to recover from drug addiction admist the persistent abuse of drugs among youths and teenagers in our society today.

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