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If Eke Idemili Known As Python In Anambra State Is Killed, Benefiting Burial Is Accorded –Akwaugo

Just like there are different dialects and colours so are different cultures among in the society.

Akwaugo 1 of Wazobia Facebook has shared a provoking revelation as regards Eke Idemili in Idemili part of Anambra State. According to the post made and tilted" Eke Idemili" she said that python is regarded as Sacred being in some parts of Igbo land. Such practice is an age long culture. According to her post the python Known in Igbo as eke is a symbol of sea Goddess. No one is expected to kill or harm the snake called eke. This is because it provides and protects them. To them the snake is harmless being. 

Each area in Igbo land gives name to the snake According to the deity it represents. In Idemili is regarded as symbol of peace, wealth and fertility. The Idemili part of Anambra State venerate and adore the eke Idemili. No one is expected to kill it. If any one kills the snake the Eke Idemili will cause misfortune to the Idemili People. The wrath of the community is usually brought against the killer and he or she is forced to bury the eke Idemili. The person will give it a befitting burial like human being.

In Idemili snake is regarded as custodian of culture and Tradition. It is said that when a child in Idemili the snake normally comes and curls the child harmless to the admiration of the parents. 

Although the visit if the snake could mean different things depending the circumstances. It is revealed that if a noble man is about to die in Idemili area of Anambra the snake will come and die in the house of the relations.

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