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Touching Story: Husband allegedly assault nursing wife's breast with hot water.

This incident took place in Enugu South Government Area of Enugu State as a man named Emmanuel Opoku poured hot water on his wife’s two breasts.

The case was reported and handled in the magistrate court of the area, where he was charged with assault inflicting serious body damage on the nursing mother.

From the court judgments, he committed an offence punishable under Section 290 of the Criminal Code Cap 30 Vol. II, Revised Laws of Enugu State of Nigeria, 2004.

Legal team of Women Aid Collective (WACOL) and police prosecutor, Inspector Innocent Otibe ensured that bail application was null and void.

The issue that warranted this assault is still unknown, what would happen to the nursed baby, what was the man thinking when he did this, was he trying to punish the just his wife or his baby or both?

Before we take drastic actions we should have a rethink of the hazard it can cause. Trying to take laws into our hands isn't proper, we have the appropriate authorities that would handle that, let us be civil in our dealings with people.

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