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Stop hitting your children, It teaches them to be violent - Uju Anya advises Nigerian parents

Uju Anya (@ujuanya), a Twitter user, provided some advice on how beating children can cause more harm than good.

She opined, "Stop hitting your children. Using pain and violence to control people’s behavior causes profound harm. It teaches children to be violent and accept violence from others as a sign of love or something that can coexist with love. These lessons follow them into other relationships.

"What angers me a lot is when Nigerians say only oyibos can get away with not hitting their children, because Nigerians kids are “different” or “harder” so you must beat them for them to hear well. You all know that is racist and colonialist right?

"What are you saying about Nigerian children when you insinuate they’re stupid and incapable of learning and understanding without fear, threats, pain, and violence? What are you saying about YOURSELF that you’re incapable of imagining how to raise your child without violence?

"I’ll end with reminding those who say you got hit as a child but “still turned out fine”. You didn’t turn out fine if you say beating children is good. People who think there’s nothing wrong with hitting defenseless kids and using violence to control their behavior are not OK.

"Thanks to all engaging, providing supporting arguments, research on harm/ineffectiveness of fear, pain, violence to discipline kids. Again, to those swearing the family violence you suffered made you better, it didn’t. You supporting violence against children shows it harmed you."

What's your opinion on this?

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