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Why attacks on the police is an attack on security and the implications.

It has become a regular occurrence and even becoming normal, for police officers to be attacked and even killed in Nigeria. Ever since the protest of end police brutality, it appears that it is open season on the police.


These men and women on duty are often recklessly attacked and no one is saying anything. Those who do say, opine that they deserve the worst. This development is a raging inferno that the silence of many in Nigeria is stoking.


With the silence, the attackers get emboldened and the lives of men and women in uniform is trifled with.

If these attacks continue at this rate, it could result to the following.

1. Nigeria will soon run short in supply of individuals willing to enlist for police service. If their lives mean little, police workforce will take a hit. Nobody wants a job that places a Target on his back unnecessarily.


2. If these attacks continue, it could lead to lack of commitment to the job by those willing to stay on as police officers. They may be doing the job half-heartedly, and that is bad for the security of lives and property in Nigeria.

3. There is also the possibility of the police retaliating, and this can fall on Innocent Nigerians. If they are hunted and harmed unnecessarily, they could become unbearable at their jobs. Imagine filing a report of theft and having nothing done about it. How about calling police emergency hotline and having no one respond?.

4. Crime rate would definitely go up, as soon as the police start withdrawing for their safety. They are firstly family people, with loved ones. Their loved ones do not deserve to lose them to senseless attacks. Nigerians realized that crime went up during the brief period the police left their vandalised stations.

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No matter what, the police deserve better. That there are bad police does not rationalize these attacks. The police are integral to security, and if they are discouraged, insecurity sets in.

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