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Katsina Police Arrests Fraudsters Circulating Fake Naira Notes.

The Katsina state police have recently arrested 3 fraudsters for circulating fake Naira notes in the state. They ran out of luck when one Anas Lawal who had over N600k fake naira notes in his possession, was arrested by the police team on patrol.

The suspect then confessed to have received fake notes of over N1million from them. The suspect also revealed that he sold a bundle of fake currency to another person, at the cost of N20,000.

Though the police are making efforts to bring to book other accomplices involved in the fraud, however, we shall be discussing 5 ways to spot a fake naira note so that we don't fall victim to this fraudsters.

It's very important that we all have knowledge of how to spot a fake currency, because it could be a big blow and even an embarrassment, if we fall victim to the pranks of counterfeit currency criminal.

The truth is that these Fraudsters cannot produce a real Naira note, this is why there are always obvious differences between a real and a counterfeit Naira note. The difference are not hidden, they are very visible, only that we do not find time to look well enough.

Below are how to spot them

1. Through mercury bulbs

It you check the real Naira notes well, you will find some text, that are not very visible to the eye, they are only visible through the rays of a mercury bulb. Once the naira is placed under the rays from a mercury bulb, it shows a greenish-yellow glow of the note denomination across it, if it's real. I.e you’ll see a glowing 1000 (in numbers) written across the note and smaller 1000 written on specific spots on it. If you don't see this, then it's a fake Naira note

2. Through water or other liquids

Dipping the money into water can be used to determine a real or fake naira note. First wet the money then scrub the wet part of the money with your thumb. A fake currency will become unusually soft and wash off their colours as you do this, but a real one will not.

3. Through the ribbons

There is a thin silvery ribbon from the top to bottom of every paper money on the Naira.

In real note, you can feel and pull out this ribbon, but in counterfeits, though it has a ribbon, if you try scratching it, it would come off like the silver panel on a recharge card.

4. Paper and colour quality

Fake notes are made of ordinary paper, while real money is made of special papers. The quality of a real and fake note differs. The drawings on counterfeits are more blurry, blotchy and sometimes darker than real paper money.

5. Check the Gold foil

The Gold foil found close to the signature of the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria would come off easily while an original will not.

I hope we are able to learn from this

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