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11 Funny Pictures For Your Entertainment

1) I miss Nursery School prayer

"Die Kingdom car, die will be die on Earth, I sit in Heaven"不

2) One day, a pastor paid me to sit on a wheel chair in church. I heard gunshots and the rest was history.不

3) Take it or leave it, every lady with a smartphone has a social media husband.不

4) Killer: I will kill everyone you love.

Me: I love you

Killer: 不

5) When she sees a handsome guy in the church and she try to use her best voice不

6) African parents wahala不

7) Teacher: Do you understand?

Me: Yes

Teacher: What did I say?

Me: Do you understand不

8) People who sleep with their phones on silent really don't care about anything in life.不

9) When she thinks she is cute but her foundation doesn't match her neck不


11) Before passing away, Albert Einstein said few words in German. The only person who listen was a nurse and she didn't speak German.不

12) When you are sleeping and hear your brother telling his girlfriend, "I can sell this house for you"

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Killer Nursery School


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