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How To Be A Person Of Good Quality Character.

The Picture Is To Illustrate Good Character

Many people do not know the difference between reputation and character. Reputation is not a character. 

Reputation is that which people are believed to be; character is that which people are! 

Therefore, if you would be a person of great influence and power, then be a person of real character, that alone will grant you leverage over others.

Character Is The Philosopher's Lodestone

The Picture Is To Illustrate Lodestone

Through which all who have it may turn the base of their life into pure gold. Without character you have nothing, you are nothing, and you can be nothing.

Character Is Something That You Cannot Beg Or Steal Or Buy. 

You can get character only by building it, and you can build it with your thoughts, and deeds, and in no other way. 

Through The Aid Of Autosuggestion

The Picture Is To Illustrate Autosuggestion

Any person can build a sound character, no matter what his or her past has been. I wish to emphasize the fact that all who have character also have enthusiasm, and personality sufficient to attract others who have quality character.


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