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I have a wife and a good business - Ex-prisoner who wanted to go back to prison because of hard life

.Yes, it's quite true about the common phrase which implies that no one knows what tomorrow may bring, but as long as there is life, hope and a new beginning can happen. This is the case of Gambo Mohammed, an Ex-prisoner, convicted of murder, after he mistakenly killed someone. The Ex-prisoner who just by living and never giving up has found new life again, after he declared that he now has a wife, and a good business, and as such, he doesn't want to go back to prison again.

Recall, long ago that this Northern man, after being released from prison had cried out, noting that he wishes for return again to prison, as he could not bear the hard life that comes from outside prison. Gambo Mohammed had noted that ever since he came out from prison, things have been tough, and he will wish to return back to prison, to escape the toughness and hard life, outside prison. But however, good news came, a new beginning, a fresh start for Gambo where he stressed that he his now happy outside prison life because he has now found a woman of his dream, and has also started his new business, and as such, he doesn't want to go back to prison, as he had said before.

Gambo who was happy and delighted to begin a new journey,. .and phase in life, showed his beautiful wife whom he said be met at her sisters place, and since then the two had fallen in love, despite she knowing that he was in prison over the murder of someone he mistakenly did. The happy man who furthermore added that his Fish business is growing everyday, made mention that his wedding his due to take place next month, as he his happy, and delighted, alongside his wife, and her family. What a sweet and romantic journey indeed. What's your opinion towards this, put your thoughts in the comment section below, like, share and follow us for more interesting stories all around the world.


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