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Ebeano Supermarket: Three Points And Three Possibilities From The Action Of The Girl Called ‘Little’

As I read comments in various platforms regarding the heinous action of the "child" before us, I smile in regret because I see several persons excusing the girl for being a child and thus, may not have known the consequences of her action. 

Am I interested in her prosecution? Not at all. She is still a minor no doubt, but a minor with a terrible difference. Am I interested in the analysis of what took place? Yes, I am because it is important to the exposition of certain realities of life.

As I watched the clip that led to the inferno at the supermarket, three points and three possibilities stand clear.


1. The girl's movement towards the location of her supposed mission's spot was so pretentiously effected. She walked like a happy, jolly fellow unto the fulfillment of a dark mission.

2. The girl walked straight to a location of which she was quite cognizant in the supermarket. She knew the contents that are capable of helping her achieve her mission.

3. She gave a check at a point though from a distance to see if her mission was actually successful. 


1. The Child was Sent: 

I doubt the possibility of a child going on her own to carry out such a heinous crime without being encouraged and taught to do so by some older minds, who probably have gotten some scores to settle with the management of the supermarket set on fire.

2. Evil Possession:

I know there are people who still doubt in our present world that people can be possessed. I tell you, that child whether sent or not sent, carried out that act with the heavy presence of devilish spirit(s) in her. It is the same spirit that manipulated the entire planning process and its execution. And this was possible because the girl as an individual or in collaboration with those that sent her, are not unfamiliar with dark activities. How are we sure that was the first Supermarket or home "she is" or "they are" setting ablaze? 

3. Psychological Disorder:

The sense of "right" and "wrong", "good" and "evil" seems to have been lost in that child. Such a state in human life is terrible; it is serious psychological damage.

Proper investigation should therefore be done on this matter to finding out the hands and minds behind the girl's action. Her family background needs to investigated in order to know what has been obtainable therein. Are there evidences of abuses that could have turned the innocence of a child into evil?

If there were no CCTV footage, the fire incident would have been considered as simply an accident. Now we can see that some tragic occurrences we call accidents are rather intentionally planned and executed by human beings we may often least expect.  Setting up a CCTV footage is not simply for watching events of past activities, but more primarily for the watching of ongoing events for security purposes— if this was understood by the supermarket management, the fire would have been stopped.

What are your thoughts?

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