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Stop wishing people "good night" because it means something else. Check what it means

Sometimes we say some things but we don't know what they mean. There are many greeting expressions in English culture, "Goodnight" is one of them.

In this Article, I won't say we should stop wishing people good night but I will just reveal to you what the phrase really means from the beginning.

You need to understand that some words or expressions are loaned from Greek and Latin languages. So, "good night" didn't actually come from English but from Greek. Let me explain while we wish people "good night".

People say goodnight because in pre-modern times, people died in their sleep and the expression was one of parting as if on a journey from which one might not return. Traditionally, individuals and families prayed before sleep and these prayers often contained an invocation referring to the possibility of death before waking.

In our times it has become a pleasantry and perhaps this is also somewhat of a relief.

If you recall, we also say "good night" to the dead because we know we will not see them again. So, we wish them good night because it is a means of saying we are parting (won't see anymore).

With this in mind, it is important to find a way to convey what will actually mean. So, instead of saying good night we can say:

1. Sleep tight

2. Sleep well

3. Sweet dreams

4. Nighty night

5. Have a good sleep

6. Dream of me

7. Until tomorrow

8. Rest time for blossoms

9.Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

10. I’ll see you in dreamland

11. Have sea dreams

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