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How The Addiction Of Plastic Surgery Resulted In Monique Allen's Disability

Monique Allen is a former Government worker, and a transgender woman who has reportedly had over 200 plastic surgeries.

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Shortly after she had gender reassignment surgery at the age of 22, Monique Allen had nose jobs operations, then had silicon implanted into her body to enhance her body shape. Monique said her obsession led her to having illegal silicon injections.

"The doctor would numb you then attach a funnel to whichever part of your body you wanted, then screw a vial of silicon on and pump it in. I was so reckless but I was obsessed with having more" she said.

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Monique Allen has had treatments from many celebrity doctors, and was once operated on by doctor John Reginald Brown who was later jailed for manslaughter after one of his patients bled to death.

She said her family begged her to stop, but all she cared about was having more, and that was unwilling to think of the risks because she was completely addicted.

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However, after almost 100 unregulated cosmetic procedures, Monique Allen is registered disabled and struggles to walk. She said, "I have severe circulation problems caused by silicon migrating to different parts of my body. Some skin on my legs has died, which I have to cover over with makeup."

News credit: dailymail

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