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Zamfara: Why The Arrest Of the Woman who sells Cigarettes to Bandits Should Be A Lesson To Everyone

The commissioner of Police in Zamfara State, Ayuba Elkana, has briefed the country about the progress of the Security Operatives to wipe clean Zamfara state of any activity of Bandits within the state and Northwest generally.

In the speech of the commissioner of police, Ayuba Elkana, it was disclosed that the security operatives have apprehended the woman who is responsible for the provision of cigarettes to the bandits and other elements in Zamfara state.

Mr. Ayuka revealed that the woman, with the name Rakiya Ibrahim, was arrested by the security operatives alongside the person who sells the cigarettes to her before she takes them to the bandits.

The name of the person who sells the products to Rakiya Ibrahim is Suraju. Both arrested suspects are not to be interrogated before charging them to court for prosecution.

Aside from Rakiya Ibrahim, the Police officers in Zamfara State have also apprehended another person who is responsible for the selling of petrol to the bandits. He is also going through interrogation as the security operatives continue investigation to apprehend other members of his crew.

Meanwhile, the arrest of Rakiya Ibrahim and her cigarettes supplier should be a lesson to all the people who are somehow associating themselves with the bandits in Zamfara state. Rakiya Ibrahim may not have killed anyone before in her life or kidnapped anybody, however, her decision to do business with the notorious trouble makers are known as Bandits has implicated her to be a partial member of the group, with her cigarettes provider, Suraju.

This should serve as a lesson to everyone, if you have bandits or any other criminals groups as friends, you should abstain from keeping such a company again, if not, you may end up being arrested like Rakiya Ibrahim and her supplier, Suraju.

Source: Channels Television

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