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6 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Using A Gas Cooker

Cooking gas is very popular in Nigeria because it conserves time, is fast and eco-friendly. This is the reason why so many households has switched from using other cooking means to using gas. Gas is originally known as liquefied petroleum gas. Even though it has many advantages, it can cause serious damages if it is not handled properly. This is why it is important that you are extra careful when using your gas so as to prevent gas explosion. Here are some of the things you should avoid doing.

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1) Avoid shaking your gas cylinder as it can be very dangerous: Some people shake the gas cylinder to know its level. However, this is very dangerous as multiple studies shows it can cause explosion. If you need to check the level of gas that has been used, apply water on the body of the gas cylinder to know the gas level.

2) Never joke with leakages : Once you suspect that the gas cylinder is leaking, turn off the regulator immediately. Do not strike a match near it as it can result in explosion. Then check for the leakage by applying soap and water solution on the cylinder. The places you notice bubbles are where the leakages occurred.

3) Don't use your phone close to a gas cooker : It is important that you don't do this so that you don't get so distracted to the extent that your food gets burnt.

4) When transporting your gas from one place to another, make sure you pack it horizontally so that the cylinder does not roll as such may lead to explosion especially if the gas cylinder is filled.

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5) Whenever you are cooking with a gas cooker, never close your window. Make sure your kitchen is properly ventilated. Also keep away inflammable and any heat generating objects from it.

6) Avoid keeping the fire extinguisher far from the kitchen : This is important as it will help you to quickly quench fire if there's a gas explosion.

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