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As FCTA Arrests 217 Beggars In Abuja, Here's What Can Be Done To Curb Street Begging

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Vanguard News reported that the Federal Capital Territory Administration, Social Development Secretariat (SDS) on Friday, in Abuja, arrested 217 defaulters over street begging. One of the beggars was allegedly arrested with over N600,000 in cash. Some of the notes were said to be very dirty because they have been kept for too long.

One is left to wonder why someone would just beg to keep the money without spending it. But beyond the sustenance of riding the environment of nuisance, here is what the government can do to curb the prevalence of street begging in the urban areas;

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First of all, these people especially from the northern part of the country see begging as a cultural heritage and a way of life, that is the only explanation for the reason why someone would keep hundreds of thousands of naira probably for years without spending or investing it in any business why still going out to beg for more.

That being said, there is a need to mentally dislodge them from such cultural inclination, they need to be brought to civilisation, otherwise, if they are chased away from Abuja, they will migrate to another urban area to keep creating nuisance in the society.

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Further from that, the Acting Director, Social Welfare Services of the Social Development Secretariat, Malam Sani Rabi, maintained that the SDS has declared zero-tolerance against destitution, child abuse, street beggings and other activities that could constitute an environmental nuisance as he also enjoined the religious leaders to speak up about begging.

Meanwhile, such a religious approach might not be very helpful as the Islamic ethic stressed the need to constantly give to the poor, especially the beggars. And when you look at the higher percentage of those involved in this street begging, they are Norther Muslims which would make the religious approach almost unachievable.

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Finally, the best approach would be to create centres where these beggars can be given orientation and vocational training so that they can find something to do after they have been taken off the street.

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