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Disturbing Question Arises Over Viral Video of Boy Smoking Online

A video made rounds online recently and it is one of the most appallingly disgusting things that I have ever been most unfortunate to stumble upon, and I do not in any way apologize for the use of such strong words over this at all!

The video shows a boy who cannot be more than 3 years old puffing heavily on a pipe of Shisha (see video here), and from the look of things, it could not have been the boy’s first time blazing like that. What I did find most disturbing though, is that there were adults in with him – it was obviously one who recorded said video, and they are worse than culpable because, apparently, he picked up this destructive vice from them.

There was a time when, especially in traditional African climes, the culture demanded a level of sanity, moral uprightness, and chastity from people – regardless of their gender, and everyone adhered to these standards strictly.

The “good old days” saying never felt more profound, and have such relevance as much as it does now; the level of moral decadence and gross immorality that’s literally become the norm these days cannot but make one’s skin crawl when you look at the situation of things.

What’s even more alarming for someone like me is the fact that this decadence seems to have permeated virtually every sphere of life and even all cadres of our societies generally, and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone at all!

I mean, there were things that our parents in their days, and even most of us born in the early ’80s, used to hide away to discreetly do, and they’ll pray that no one ever finds them doing such. In today’s messed up society though, these are things we not only do, but we also brazenly do them in the full glare of the public.

This video, and a myriad of other alarming ills that have become so acceptable lately, cannot but raise a very disturbing question in my mind regarding us as humans, firstly, before anything else: Where is our humanity?!

Come on, even without paying any cognizance to the deep values and ethics we were supposedly born with as Africans, I’m thinking that one should be able to deduce on their own that some things are just totally off-limits and should never be done. But, then again, this thing we all so easily refer to as “common sense” is apparently not so common after all, because everyone would have it if it were and some things would just never happen.

What do you think would become of a boy who has perfected that act of puffing on Shisha at the tender age of 3, so well so that he even effortlessly blows out of his nostrils? What type of life do you really think such a boy will grow to live if not one plagued by drug abuse and other even worse vices?

I know this is not our typical favorite type of reading, but I also strongly believe it’s high time we all start using our individual platforms and voices to amplify the change that we all earnestly pray for and seek to see all around us. Otherwise, of what benefit is our living if we leave zero positive prints in the sands of time?

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