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Four things that can either attract or repel money.

There are things that control money in the life of every human being. Money can either be attracted or repelled by a lot of human factors. There are beliefs that there are spirits that control money. I'm not in any way deputizing this belief. My consideration will be on those things you do that are capable of regulating how money flows in your life. These things are without spiritual consideration but centred on human behaviours.

One is habit. This has to do with your usual way of doing something. Your habit has a lot to do in either attracting or repelling the flow of money in a person's life. Let's take the habits of these two young men who drive tricycles towards their passengers into consideration.

In a particular park there was a young man who rode a tricycle. He was always known for putting on a smiling face. Most often he sings whenever he is driving. People got used to his habit of singing when driving and began choosing his tricycle over others. Sometimes passengers pay a higher amount just to board his tricycle and get entertained. This young man continued with this cheerful habit and made a lot of money from passengers who willingly gave him money.

Right in the same park there was another tricycle rider who seldom smiled or was in a happy mood for reasons best known to him. His habit made passengers despise boarding his tricycle . Most often he is either seen exchanging hot words with his fellow drivers or raining curses on his passengers. This act of his drove people away from him and from this one can tell that he hardly met his target for each day.

This tells how a person's habit can control the inflow of money into one's life. Develop a good habit towards things that help you make money,those things that you can acquire or get money from.

How about your attitude towards money? How desperate do you feel at the sight of money making opportunities? A person's attitude or feeling towards money can sometimes go a long way in helping one attract money or otherwise. There are people who live in penury today as a result of the wrong attitude they developed towards money.

Furthermore, a person's mentality also has a huge role to play in the attraction of money. The mentality of some people has misled them that they can hardly make decisions that can help their financial status. There are those who solemnly believe that money is the root of all evil. They therefore do not want anything that can elevate their financial life. Your mentality is the bedrock of your finances. Once you start having the wrong belief about money I can tell you for free that making money is not your calling. It is your mentality that will trigger the last thing that can either repel or attract money into one's life.

Despite all the aforementioned attributes being important in the flow of money one thing is very essential and that is action. What action do you take in your pursuit of wealth? Do you sit idly and wait for money to rain or go out and hustle? The action you take in your journey to make money is a pointer to how wealthy you might become. There are people who are never ready to take any financial risk but want to count millions. They do not want to invest their last money into that new business. They prefer having the money in their account rather than investing it. The type of action you take can help attract or repel money in your life. Most times your financial actions are as a result of your mentality which breeds your attitude towards money and this eventually becomes a habit.

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