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5 Traffic Violations In Nigeria And The Fine You'll Pay If You Are Caught Violating Any Of Them (Part 4)

Nigerian road users are expected to be familiar with the traffic rules and regulations that have been established by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). There are punishments for road users who violate these rules. These punishments are mostly in form of fine payment and short-term imprisonment.

In this article, we will be looking at the last part of the traffic violations in Nigeria and the fine you will pay if you are caught violating them. There is one thing I want you to note. It is possible for a driver to violate more than 2 of these rules at once. This is why you see that some drivers pay more money than what is discussed here.

For example, a driver who overloaded his vehicle may also be driving under the influence of alcohol. He may not have his seat belt on while driving. There may also be no fire extinguisher in the vehicle. All these crimes are added together, and the driver is expected to pay for each of them.

Below are 5 traffic violations you should know.

1. No fire extinguisher.

Every driver is expected to have a functioning fire extinguisher in his or her vehicle. Fire extinguisher helps in minimizing or eradicating fire incidents during road accidents. It is mandatory and important you have one in your vehicle. If you have no fire extinguisher in your car, you will be made to pay 3,000 naira.

2. No seat belt.

You have no idea how many lives seat belts have saved during road accidents. Seat belts prevent you from flying off your seat during road crashes. It is important you use them. If you are caught driving without using your seat belt or your vehicle has no seat belt, you will be fined 2,000 naira.

3. Using phone while driving.

This is a dangerous thing to do. You could get distracted easily, and it may lead to a road accident. Do not use your phone while driving. You will have to pay 4,000 naira if you are caught doing this.

4. Underage drivers.

You are below 18 years, and you are caught driving a car, you will be fined 2,000.

5. Excessive smoke emission.

It is okay if your car emits smoke. Cars do that sometimes, but excessive smoke emission is a crime. It shows you have not been paying attention to your car engine. You are also polluting the air, thereby putting the health of others in danger. If you are caught with a car of this type, you will be fined 5,000 naira.

It is our duty to make our roads safe. 



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