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Demerits of losing your sense of smell

Lack of sense of smell can be explained in two ways, namely; anosmia is best described as a complete absence of smell while hyposmia is defined as a partial loss of smell.

Only a few people report problems with their sense of smell. However, this concern increases with age and men are more likely to experience it than women. According to reports, nearly a quarter of men in their 60s experience this problem.

Sense of smell makes you want freshly baked bread from the store or demand a plate of jollof rice with smoked mackerel. 

Now imagine inhaling through your nose but nothing comes to your brain except the consciousness of air.

Having loss of smell is one of the most notable and obvious adverse effects of COVID-19. While most COVID-19 infected patients recover their sense of smell over time, there are those who are still looking forward to getting it back. Unfortunately, a few people never get their sense of smell again.

Photo Credit: Andrea Beaman

This condition comes with several demerits that are beyond inhaling some cooked foods, let's take a look at them: 

Quite true, without the capability to smell something, you may lose the ability to detect awful smells like gas or petrol and smoke. There's a risk of not smelling the rot in spoiled food items that can result in food poisoning if consumed.

Another disadvantage, sense of smell and taste go hand in hand, and there’s this complex interplay between experience, memory, emotion, smell, and taste. If there's a disconnection, some people affected may develop depression or even become anxious.

Lastly, food substances do not taste good anymore, just some bland flavor! No taste of an old wine with rich flavor and it isn’t longer pleasurable to drink anymore. No more usual enjoyment and relish out of that dining experience, and then, eating and drinking become about mere sustenance for living and doing bodily functions.

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