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Reasons Pres. Buhari Should Not Pay N25,000 to Bandits Monthly as Suggested By a Prominent Pastor

A popular Nigerian Clergyman has suggested that the government of the Federal republic of Nigeria should pay monthly stipend to Bandits to reduce their activities and increase security. This pastor has been identified by the name Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Kanu-Uche. He is the prelate of Methodist Church, Nigeria. Below is a picture showing this man of God:

According to the Pastor, Hunger and poverty has made Nigerians embrace terror and banditry. He said that the payment of such stipends will stop the youths from engaging in such acts.

In my opinion, I think this suggestion made by this pastor should not be implemented by the government. Here are my reasons for saying so:

It won't stop banditry: I don't think the payment of stipends to these bandits will make them stop their act. I don't think hunger really led them into the act, but ignorance.

If these Bandits really need money, there are jobs they can do or skill they will acquire to help them earn a living. Poverty or hunger is never an excuse for evil deeds. I feel they are just ignorant of the effect their activities can cause to themselves and the society.

Photo credited: Vanguard news and Naija Loaded

It might cause more crime: Paying this money to bandits might even lead to more crimes. There is an adage that says the idle man is the devil's workshop. The moment they start receiving money without working or doing something that will keep them busy, they might as well think of going into banditry again. They might use the money to get more weapons and thereby increasing insecurity.

Instead of paying them stipends every month, it will be better the government offer free skill acquisition for them. With this, they can make money for themselves. This will keep them busy and take the thoughts of Banditry out of their hearts.

As a reader, what is your take on this?

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