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Funny news headline fails that will give you a boisterous laugh.

We will surely miss the good old days when mistakes on news can't be corrected after printing unlike nowadays that you can easily edit the error and repost. Here are some of the unlucky unintentional funny news headlines that would obviously crack you up.


A homicide victim is one who is killed by another person. When you use the word 'rarely', are you trying to prove that the dead can speak?


Fhgfhdfdfdffgfgfgfgfgfgfgfg. What does this even mean? Is it an abbreviation for something or the editors are just trying to use the unusual way to get people to read their news. If it's the latter, then I must salute them because they achieved their aims. Kudos.


There are two things actually funny about this news. One is that this is coming from the World Bank itself. I mean, who is supposed to provide the money if the World Bank can't do that. The second is that are the poor supposed to need less money? Hilarious.


The question comes to mind, where are planes supposed to land? On trees?


The broken air conditioner were not supposed to make the room colder, were they? Hmm. In my own opinion, maybe the space in the broken air conditioner will allow a cool breeze to come into the room. Thoughtful.


Just makes me think of a lawyer breaking the law. Isn't that just another clown?


I think the federal agents were supposed to find candies and cookies. I mean what else will you find in a gun shop?


Killing ducks to see why they die? Isn't that just more killings?


No. I think what they really need is just a hotel room with bunches of gold and silver plus a nice book to read while they are in the hotel.


He must be really powerful to be able to break silence and say nothing at the same time. Kudos to this man. He deserves a medal.


A Prisoner serving 2,000-year sentence could face more time? I don't think that is enough. Maybe another 3,000 should be added since the court think the man here is an immortal. Remind me of the movie 'the old guards'.

That's just a few of many more to come. We just have these newspapers editors to thank. They might have lost readers but at least they made us laugh.

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