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This is Strange; See Picture Of A Dead Man That Was Made To Sit On A Chair To Attend His Own Funeral

Numerous strange things are happening in this world I must say. A post was made on twitter recently about a dead man that was made to sit and experience his own burial that quite unusual.

Instead of the man to be in his casket they sat the corpse of the man on a chair and dressed him properly for his own burial ceremony.

Well this isn't the first time this is happening it has been going around for years where family members will dress their dead love ones up and sit them on a chair in their own burial ceremony.

To be honest seeing it alone will make you think it's a carved statue but the corpse was injected with chemical fluid that why you can see sitting upright that way.

Some people feel that it will relieve most of the people mourning the dead victim, they will feel the corpse is alive then dead but honestly this not the right thing to do to a dead person honestly. They are making casket seller run out business lol.

Below are pictures and screenshot of the tweet of the post:

Below are reactions to the post:

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