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These Are The Ways To Prevent Rape. All Young Females, And Parents Should Read To Know These.

We are living in a world full of evil and wickedness today; a world where females cannot walk freely for the fear of attack and being raped by wicked men. I want to enlighten the female gender, and parents on how to prevent their girls from rape.

What is Rape?

Rape is the act of forcing sexual intercourse or other sexual activities upon another person, without their consent or against their will. It is a criminal offence punishable by law.

Who Can Suffer Rape?

Rape is a common occurrence in our society today. Anybody can suffer rape. I mean both male and female can suffer rape. But its common victims are females, and it ranges from female children to adults. Any female child and adult can suffer rape. I have read about females of less than two years old being raped and over sixty years old woman who suffered rape too.

The Evils of Rape on its Victims

Rape always leaves indelible effect and a long lasting trauma on it victims; and unfortunately, it is often difficult for its victims to prove or establish a rape case in the court of law. And many females who fall victim of it used to keep it to themselves and suffer under its trauma all alone because of their fear of being stigmatized. Apart from all these, its victim can also contract sexual transmitted diseases through the rapist.

Precautions Against Rape

1. Parents should avoid allowing their female children to stay or play with male neighbour in his apartment.

2. Parents should avoid sending their female children to their male neighbour early in the morning because young males are usually sexually awaken early in the morning when they wake up.

3. Girls and ladies should avoid visiting their male friends or colleagues alone whether during the day or night. A repentant cultist and rapist confessed or explained some of his evil deeds during his school days; he explained how he once raped a lady during the day in his apartment while he deliberately put a music in a very high volume to overshadow the voice of the lady when she was crying for help, to hinder people from hearing her voice and to come to her rescue. A teen girl also lamented when she entered into one our campuses as a new student on Friday as a virgin, and lost her virginity to rape the next Sunday (three days after) when went to visit a male student in the male hostel. Some girls were drugged with sleeping medicine through the soft drink the males they went to visit gave them as entertainment and were messed up sexually while they slept off. Girls and young ladies, avoid unnecessary visit to males alone, whether day or night.

4. Girls and ladies should avoid immodest, indecent and sexy dress. To dress sexy, means an invitation to sex because when you wear a dress that shows all your body shapes and figures, you ignite lust for sex in the hearts of emotionally feeble men that see you.

5. Girls and women should avoid staying out late at night or going out in the night.

6. Girls and ladies should be careful of places they go. Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob was raped and defiled when she went out just to watch what the daughters of the land were doing.

It is important for parents and young females to note that rapist are not always strangers; they are often people you are familiar with. It could be a friend, colleague, classmate, neighbour, family member or your peer. This is the reason parents need to keep a close watch on their female children; and the young girls and women also need to be careful.

What Victims Should Do.

Any girl child who fall victims should report it immediately to her parents or guardian; and they must report it also to the police for proper investigation so that the culprit can be punished accordingly. They must also take to hospital for proper care, and also to psychotherapist for counsel. Young ladies and women who fall victim should also do the same.

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