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The Man Who Believed There Are 24 Different People Living In His Mind and How It Affected Him

In each city or any Thriving location under the sun, there are at least more than a dozen crimes that are committed every single day. This is to say the world in its general assembly cannot do without the presence of crimes, and as such, criminal elements. With this huge number of criminals some who often always claim innocence, the number of those who simply want to keep staying on the good side of the law and avoid punishments keeps increasing. These criminals, when caught, make up several excuses to ensure they are not punished for their crimes. Some claim mental illness, others simply go with the oldest and most famous truck in the criminality handbook, the "I am an innocent conversation."

Usually, it doesn't matter what mental illness these criminals claim they have, the official institutions often have to discern what is true and not. But in the case of a man called Billy Milligan, it was a different case, an interesting case that made this man rank as a very special criminal. After being found guilty of criminal activity in the line of sexual molestation, robbery, and a host of others, Milligan as most do, claimed he was innocent. Something that may seem like a lie but eventually came out to seem as though he truly believed he was speaking the truth.

The world eventually learned that this man, who had claimed innocence after being caught red-handed, was actually a man whose case needed serious attention. As the world would learn during his trial for the assault of two women, the Los Angeles Times notes, Milligan was only one of several personalities inhabiting that particular body of the same person. Or so it was believed by both psychiatric experts and the courts.

Very interesting indeed, the line which criminal activities and the justice system are now going. Justice is no longer black and white, perhaps it never was but it does seem more complicated now. Anyway, a lot of people didn't stand for his multiple personality disorder talk many thought it was simply in an attempt to get good treatment despite his crimes. The mental illness which is called dissociative identity disorder (DID), called multiple personality disorder (MPD) at the time he was diagnosed, has been associated with criminals in the past, but not like Milligan, he was more interested.

Milligan successfully convinced some, others simply thought he was a horrible person who needed to be locked up despite what they acknowledged to be a very good skill of manipulation. What the public believed didn't hold much water since the jury believed his case.

Milligan made his case in front of the jury and the court in a very interesting manner. He claimed that some of the crimes he had committed weren't exactly his fault as a part of him committed these crimes and not him. According to him, he had about 24 different personalities in the same body, each coming to light as they please, or triggered by surrounding situations. These characters who he claimed were very different from himself, would come out and wreak havoc despite his attempts at making sure they didn't.

For instance, he claimed that Ragen Vadascovinich and Adalana committed most of these crimes. WBNS says the "Ragen personality, a Yugoslavian who was in control of Milligan's body when there was danger, is the one who committed Milligan's robberies. The sexual assaults were supposedly committed by Adalana. This personality was a 19-year-old lesbian, and she is claimed to have sexually assaulted women because she was shy and wanted to feel close to another person."

One wonders how Milligan reached this point. Could it be that he was born this way or was it as a result of an event in his past? Well, according to documentations, his past wasn't exactly an exciting one for him. There have been reports of him having very bad days long ago, days of terrible abuse and pain that served as the initial point when his psyche was shattered. According to some experts who documented his story, he experienced such a long time being abused as a child, he was forced to endure crimes that were eventually committed by his "supposed split personality." From being actively sexually abused to being buried alone, and having hung from his fingers and toes in a barn among other unspoken atrocities which served as the abuse Milligan had to endure as a child.

Perhaps what made these crimes and assaults against young Milligan more intense and capable of such damage on the personality or psyche of the young man, was that it was committed by people he trusted, family. According to his family, who gave interviews after his case became so famous, it was noted that it's his former stepfather who's to blame, not just for Milligan's treatment in his youth, but for the mental illness that followed since. As those experts claim, it was this treatment that caused Milligan's DID in the first place. Of course, the stepfather denies these claims.

Of course, this multiple disorder conversation certainly helped his case but it didn't mean he had a soft landing, in fact, he paid very dearly for his crimes but it certainly brought certain things to light. The fact that some could be so mentally ill they believe their bodies could harbor several personalities. According to the Dispatch, "Milligan was first committed to a psych facility when he was a junior in high school, but they kicked him out shortly after. From there, he'd be expelled from school, booted from the Navy, and arrested multiple times."

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