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Joy Onoh's Murder: The Need For Online Vendors To Stop Offering Delivery Services Themselves

It is pitiful that the value and respect for human life have dropped significantly. Some people now kill at will without thinking of the pain they cause the victim and his or her family members. The recent murder of an online cloth vendor, Joy Onoh in Benue state by suspected hoodlums should be a source of worry to all of us.

Joy Onoh, according to reports from Punch News, was murdered by suspected hoodlums after she went to deliver a cloth ordered from her by a yet to be identified buyer. Joy was said to have received the order through a phone call on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. The buyer asked her to bring the cloth to a particular place at North Bank area of Makurdi, the state capital of Benue state.

Unfortunately, Joy's corpse was found the next day at the North Bank, where she had gone to deliver the cloth. Reports confirmed that the victim was allegedly assaulted sexually before she was murdered.

The danger of delivering goods by yourself.

Delivery services are believed to boost sales of goods because when a buyer knows that you will be delivering the goods, he or she is often eager to buy. Some people do not want stress for themselves. However, not every buyer is genuine, some of these people have evil motives to steal, kill and assault their victims sexually.

For example, on the 25th of March 2017, a Jumia delivery agent, Chukwuma Eleje was murdered when he went to deliver items such as iPhone and other valuables ordered online by one Mbatumueke. Thankfully, justice was served to the killer, Mbatumueke who was sentenced to death in February 2021. 

The need for small-scale vendors to stop delivery services.

Although, it is yet to be confirmed who killed Joy and what led to her death as investigation is still ongoing on the case, it is worth noting that Joy was murdered during the time she rendered a delivery service to an unknown buyer, who is likely to be a suspect in this case. While it is notable that small-scale vendors render delivery services to boost their sales, they should also consider the danger of delivering goods themselves to buyers, known or unknown, not everyone can be trusted. 

The way out for small-scale vendors.

Totally stopping delivery services can cause a decline in the sales of goods. However, while delivering goods to buyers could be dangerous, I believe there is a way to solve this problem. Henceforth, sellers should determine the location for goods delivery, the location must be a public place where people's attention can be easily drawn to any act of wickedness. If the buyer refuses to meet at such location, the vendor should skip that sale, there is something fishy.

What about large-scale vendors

These vendors are established already, their customers often order for expensive goods. This is why vendors like this must seek the service of delivery companies to deliver ordered goods to their customers.

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