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Arrest Of Chiwetalu Agu: A Person Who Deliberately Invites An Injury Have Lost The Right To Complain

Movie Actor Chinwetalu Agu is not an Anambra man, he & his family didn't base there. But he decided to play the "eyes service game" by wearing the Biafra flag color in Onitsha to spread a certain narrative. He did it last week and tried again on Thursday before he got arrested. "VOLENTI NON FIT INJURIA - that a person who deliberately invites an injury may have lost the right to complain about the infliction of the very injury he deliberately invited."

What if others are encouraged to do the same? Soldiers are in Anambra to stop any terrorist acts by IPOB (preemptively where possible) and deal with any passive agitation for the actualization of Biafra. And Chiwetalu Agu knows this but decided to provoke the army.

However, to term what he did as inciting, we'd have to establish exactly what he was inciting. It is apparent that he was endorsing the activities of IPOB, even though some people have said he was demonstrating the peaceful way IPOB should have adopted. From the video of the incident, Agu showed he understands one of the cardinal principles of marketing (brand communications).

What he did is just too bad. He intentionally wore it to know what would happen and he got what he deserved. Chinwetala Agu should have known that all is not well in the southeast because of recent killings and destructions linked to Biafra agitation. He should also have known that these soldiers do not know him, and such could lead to torture or even death as soldiers are not police. That is why it is not good to cause confusion that could warrant military intervention.

Chinwetalu Agu is an old man who should know many Nigerians patronize him, carrying himself to the soldiers deliberately should be out of the question. He was daring the soldiers to stage-manage a provocation, everybody should be called to order, it is wrong of anyone standing in solidarity with the killer group. If he is not cautioned many others will do worse tomorrow. Security operatives must send strong enough warnings to everyone.

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