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Road Accident

Watch The Scary Accident That Happened Between A Helicopter And A Truck In Nigeria [VIDEO]

There is a video I came across on social media that really disturbed me to the core. I was scrolling down through the stories on my social media handle until I came across this very disturbing video that every Nigerian should be awed about.

In the video, there was a helicopter which was expensive no doubt that was in the middle of the road and was about to take off. As its blades reached its maximum speed to take off then suddenly, a truck from the other side of the road trying to make a ‘u-turn’ appeared, and in a flash the cargo compartment of the truck came in contact with the helicopter blades.

It was a shocking and chilling moment as the contact was made. Hopefully no one was hurt but I'm not certain to say.

See photos and the video of the accident below.

Watch the video by clicking on the link below.

Despite the incident there must always be someone at fault when the question of who was responsible for the accident was thrown to the public some said it was the driver's fault for ignoring the spinning blades of the helicopter and some said it was the helicopters pilot error for landing at an undesignated site and funnily enough, some blamed the cameraman for being very unstable while shooting the video.

See some comments that some people made below concerning the matter.

So, the question has been thrown to you readers, who was at fault? The truck driver, or the helicopter pilot?

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