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Loneliness Has Been Killing Me Inside Since I Parted Ways With My Husband - Woman Cries Out

"I was married but got separated from my husband and since then I find it difficult to go into a relationship, I feel all men are the same so I just choose to be on my own without affairs with any man, it's killing me inside."

What you just read above is a reaction from a young woman on Facebook over a post shared in a Facebook group.

A young woman who is identified as 'Mercy-Mimi Wan-Ugoh Igila' on Facebook has revealed what she has been going through all alone after her marriage failed. The woman had disclosed that she has not been feeling good since she got separated from her husband as loneliness has been overwhelming her.

She revealed this while reacting to a post that was shared in a Facebook group. According to the post: "What is killing you inside or making you depressed? Speak out, someone might be of help to you, please, don't kill yourself".

This post led to why the woman opened up her mind and disclosed what has been giving her depression.

However, it is said that life is very interesting and enjoyable when you have someone you can always share your feelings with, one who stands by you during difficult times, one you can refer to as the love of your life, one who would rise you when you're falling, but when one is missing someone like that in his or her life, life seems to be unpleasant to such person this is why the phrase which says " Two is better than one" is genuine.

Though this woman did not disclose what transpired Between them which resulted in separation. She made it known that the ordeal she gets from her failed marriage has been the reason why she decided not to engage herself in a love relationship with another man.

Now, let's have your take on this. The young woman seems to be sick and tired of her situation as loneliness is overwhelming her as she said and she doesn't want to go into a relationship with another man in the fear of not experiencing what she had experienced from her first marriage, what is your advice for this young woman?

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