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Babajide Advises Lagos State To Ban Okada Riders From Operating as He Proffers Solution

Ace Nigerian Journalist, Babajide Kolade Otitoju, has advised the Lagos State Government to ban the commercial use of motorcycles for transportation business in the state. Babajide explained his reasons during an interview on TVC News.

The activities of commercial motorcyclists (popularly known as Okada riders) has been a source of concern to many Nigerians for various reasons. At the moment, commercial motorcyclists have been banned from operating in some states across the country. Babajide recently spoke concerning the issue and how to curb the menace of commercial motorcyclists in Lagos State.

Speaking concerning the issue, Babajide said, "Some states are banning commercial motorcyclists, but Lagos has not banned them due to fear of survival. Kano State had the highest number of commercial motorcyclists, and it seemed unbelievable that commercial motorcyclists could be banned in Kano. Kano eventually banned commercial motorcyclists for security reasons, you can ride a motorcycle in Kano, but you can not carry any passenger, else you will be in trouble. Every society deserves the law that suits it."

Discussing the activities of commercial motorcycles in Lagos, Babajide added, "They rob you at will, and you are never safe with them. We need to realize that if you wish to improve security in Lagos State, you will start by dealing decisively with Okada riders. People will feel the pain, but the government can get more small vehicles to replace commercial motorcyclists. Such small vehicles can even pass through the inner areas of the city due to their size. There was a time when commercial motorcyclists did not operate in this country, didn't we get by?

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