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Protecting your children from pedophiles. Checkout three ways to do so.

Your children are a sacred trust, “an inheritance from God”. It is your responsibility to safeguard that trust.

What can you do to protect your children from abuse?

First, educate yourself about abuse. Learn about the kind of individuals who abuse children and the tactics they use to deceive them. Be alert to potential dangers. Remember that the wise one sees danger and conceal himself unlike the unwise who neglects the warning signs. Never forget that in most cases, the abuser is someone the child already knows and trusts.

Second, maintain good communication with your children. Be quick about listening but slow in speaking. This implies that parents or guardians should listen carefully and calmly or quietly as the child express his/her feelings. Remember that children are often reluctant to report abuse. They may fear that they will not be believed, or they may have been threatened by the abuser to keep the abuse secret. If you sense that something is wrong, kindly draw them out lovingly with questions and then patiently listen to their answers.

Third, educate your children. Teach them what to say and do if someone tries to touch them in an inappropriate way. That they can protect themselves to a reasonable degree for sexual pedophiles, especially when you are not around.

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